The Origin And Insufficiency Of The Black Hebrew Israelite Movement

Hebrew Israelite groups gather and proselytize in metropolitan areas. "Unfortunately as far as is known, no description of Abraham appears in the Dead Sea scrolls, but as Sarah's description is that of her racial attributes, one can only conclude that Abraham being a relative of Sarah, see Gen 20:12 would be identical" (R. Weliland, God's Covenant People, p.340, emphasis added).

Scripture also indicates that some of the people of the northern ten tribes remained in the land. People on this earth are in the caucasian heaven right now since white people are dominating this world and subjugating black people. In spite of the powerful propaganda effort of the so-called Jews”, they have been unable to prove in recorded history that there is one record, prior to that period, of a race religion or nationality, referred to as Jew”.

The promise was: God will see to it that the true Israel is brought into being and saved. But judging by some of the modern blond Sephardic Jews, and also from the Scriptures (both of which indicate that the Israelites were fair) we conclude that they were not primarily a short, dark and broad-headed people with prominent noses.

And often you could not tell them apart (think Paul, being mistaken for an Egyptian Acts 21:28), think Yahusha as a baby (the True Messiah, who some think they are referring to when they call Jesus Christ, but I will use Yahusha in this writing) hiding out in Egypt, Africa.

We have fought since the beginning of the creation of Nigeria” to get our own country, and we've never wanted to be part of Nigeria” so it's ignorant for you to say that Nigerians are most likely not Israelites when Nigeria consists of many different people.

BEHOLD NOW, I KNOW THAT THOU ART A FAIR WOMAN ” _ KNOWING THAT YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, I REALISE THAT YOUR BEAUTY IS NOW A SOURCE OF DANGER, PARTICULARLY SINCE THE EGYPTIAN ARE DARK-SKINNED AND UGLY ”. Despite this comment having some racial discrimination and ridiculous comment, but the point here is the fact that the Rabbi Has stated that the EGYPTIANS WERE BLACK PEOPLE (having a black skin race and a person belonging to a dark skinned race).

It is here that we must seek a primary explanation for the often striking genetic and phenotypic similarity between Ashkenazi Jews and the Gentiles of the countries in golden girdle which they have lived during and since the Middle Ages" (The Myth of the Jewish Race, pp. 49, 50).

Beginning in the year that the ancient Israelites became divided - 917 BCE - until 1603 CE, we can see that it took 2520 years for the United Israelite Kingdom to take place. 1- The ancient Egyptians of "Moses time" are a different people ethnically from the modern Egyptians of today.

In today's world, man has created so many diversions from and substitutions for the true worship of God that the people have lost their way. So, it is terribly incongruous that the sacred Hebrew language of the Jews could also have been native to God's children who were of Aryan lineage.

Sparked by the interaction between the Black Israelite colony and Jamaican missionaries in Ethiopia, Rastafarianism has become one of the most popular forms of Black Israelite religion.23 Dorman explains, The Black Israelite colonization of Ethiopia had failed but, all was not lost.

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